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Augsburg 1939–1946. Erlebnisse eines Schülers in Krieg und Nachkriegszeit.

Whether the young Hermann is rummaging amongst rubble of the old toy store looking for the long-desired Märklin tracks or whether he is enjoying “Fuggerei” romanticism at his grandparents’ until his grandmother is killed during the bombing of the housing settlement, or he pulls a pillow over his head in a cellar corner or is upset viewing the destruction of the familiar town silhouette from his room’s window – his vivid account allows us to trace what war meant in general and especially in Augsburg.

“The city of Augsburg is the secret leading lady of this book.”

Dr. Hermann Winter:  Augsburg 1939–1946. Erlebnisse eines Schülers in Krieg und Nachkriegszeit
ISBN: 978-3-937772-14-1, paperback 92 pages, 9,90 Euro