life stories

remembered... recounted... recorded!


Tell your life story

Each life deserves to be recorded – there is a piece of history in every biography.

Tell your life story! Create a unique personal document and heirloom, which will stand the test of time and last for generations. Family histories convey identity and serve as an anchor to children and their children´s children, especially in times when families are spread throughout a country or even across the globe. History books are boring and pale in comparison to biographies. And yes, that goes for your life’s story as well.
During our meetings I will guide you by asking you questions and you will be amazed by what might emerge and you will not only recount, but be able to enjoy long forgotten memories. Remembering means living twice!

I will listen to you

I am fully aware of the honor that it is to receive the story of your life in such detail! So before you confide in me and I pepper you with questions – we should meet! Let´s have a cup of coffee without any obligations – at your house, my office, a café, whatever suits you best. I also mean this cup of coffee figuratively; I do prefer to drink tea… More information about me here.

How do your memories become a book?

I listen to you and ask questions, a whole lot of questions. These guide you through your life story, bring back memories and encourage recollection. You “simply” have

to recount – until we both get the feeling that everything has been told, all those pictures have been looked at and all the experiences have been given credit. Only then do I start writing the text for your book. You will receive the finished proposal and are entitled to redact, add or require alterations – it is, after all, your heart’s content, your story! Only after you are satisfied both with the book´s content and the cover design and confirm this with your signature, printing begins.

Or you even prefer to write yourself?

Wonderful! You do, however, need a publisher or do not know how those word documents or handwritten pages turn into a book featuring reprints of documents, photos etc.? Or you cannot decipher your grandfather´s handwriting? And maybe need a historian to add substance or fill in some of those gaps? I´m here to help!

And how much is all this?

The costs are as different as the life stories immortalized between book covers.

Regardless of whether you have written your memoirs yourself, are looking for a ghostwriter or just need some technical help – in any case you will get a binding quote detailing all costs involved, including my fee, the graphic designer´s fee for the cover design and the book production costs. You will know exactly what you commit to before you commission me.

You just relax and recount!