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Vergessene Vergangenheit

1945 and 1946 in the region of Lauenburg/Pomerania! The documentation of the descent of an epoch which centers around people, especially the dominating social strata, the landowner families and their relatives. The events taking place in both the East and most Northern part of Pomerania were symptomatic and exemplary for the old Prussian province. 

The book concludes placing a full stop at the end of an expired historical progression. It is a moving and exciting read for anyone from this region that has been populated with German settlements since the Middles Ages and an ideal present for West German relatives and friends that are interested in the history of Eastern Germany.

Ulrich Dorow: Vergessene Vergangenheit.
ISBN: 3-937772-07-3, paperback 500 pages, 28,90 Euro