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„… und warum bist Du nicht mein Opa?“ Ein kleiner Junge sucht sich einen Großvater.

In the fast and mobile times, we are living in most children have no grandparents to be an important anchor and support in their lives. Some turn towards older people and ask them to be their “Grandma” or “Grandpa”. That is what Jan has done too. He is an intelligent and curious kid, technologically versed and he loves animals. This book portrays his jokes, his varied interests, his thoughts on God and his fears after watching a war movie, his dream of loving care and attention and his separation anxiety. A growing number of young people is robbed of their time in psychiatric clinics and then in halfway houses or homes because their parents have failed to take care of them. Jan has experienced this too, and he has to live with it.

Lidecke, Franz: „… und warum bist Du nicht mein Opa?“Ein kleiner Junge sucht sich einen Großvater. Notes from a Diary, Memories and Thoughts. With multiple beautiful paper silhouettes.
ISBN 978-3-937772-22-6, paperback, 230 pages, 19, 90 Euro