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Ich will mich mit dir einigen. Ein Buch für Paare.

A book for couples. Written by a couple. Heide and Hermann have been together for 30 years. They have a multitude of therapist training and experience between them and have been guiding and coaching couples for the past 25 years. Their strategies, advice, support and knowledge about relationships are no cranial concoction, but have grown and developed from their own life experience and practice. Opening up about their own relationship and sharing thought about why their previous relationships did not sustain they offer food for thought, create awareness around possible pitfalls and most importantly tap the reader into the possibility of growth – for couples, for individual partners. 

“Me and you. Two worlds. Couples that are seeking personal development and growth and are ready to learn new strategies -  welcome.”

Walbrodt, Heide und Hermann Müller-Walbrodt: Ich will mich mit dir einigen. Ein Buch für Paare.
ISBN 9783-937772-21-9, 78 pages, 8,90 Euro