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Nicht allein am Steuer des Lebens

The life story of Dr. Franz Große, as he tells it, is a moving portrayal of the 20th century. In 1941 at the age of eighteen Franz Große is drafted into the navy straight out of “Oberprima”, his senior year of high school, trained as naval officer and sent to serve on minesweepers, minehunters, guinea pig vessels and submarines. Post captivity and after a long hospital stay Große starts studying medicine in Münster in 1948. In 1960 he assumes a position as a country doctor in the very rural and remote Everswinkel where he practices until 2003. During this period of time he witnesses the enthralling, occasionally strained development of Everswinkel into a modern place of residence.

Franz Große/Ruth Damwerth: Nicht allein am Steuer des Lebens
ISBN: 3-937772-08-1; 18,90 Euro

His illness forbade him to write the book by himself. Historian and German studies specialist Ruth Damwerth patiently, competently and intuitively listened to his dictations, and composed and published the work after one year of close collaboration. “Without the help of my co-author this would not have been possible “, Große states gratefully.

Die Glocke, 04.01.2006, on “Nicht allein am Steuer des Lebens“