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Das Tagebuch der Caroline Bedall

The diary that Caroline Mehler, born Bedall, began writing in 1846 at the age of ten not only lends us a new insight into the day to day reality of the penultimate century, but also grants us a glance at a multitude of Bavarian towns and landscapes of the time. It is primarily a unique aesthetic pleasure, a synergy between her special gift of observation, delicate language and ornamental handwriting.

Caroline Bedall: The Diary of Caroline Bedall.
ISBN: 3-937772-02-2; 12,90 Euro

“On November 10th my sister-in-law Karoline took flight to Switzerland with children and instructor and on November 23rd upon court order, and to our great shame and anguish, was seized and imprisoned. In the evening of November 29th at 9pm she was by police inspector escorted from Lindau to Munich and at once taken to “Frohnveste,” the prison.”